About us

Koen levelskoen levels
Post-Doc VU
Project: Concurrent Training
Background: Movement Science
contact: k.levels@vu.nl


Lotte Lintmeijerprofilepic
Project: Optimizing Propulsion
Background: Research master Social and Health Psychology
contact: l.l.lintmeijer@vu.nl


Rens Salome
Embedded scientist KNRB
Project: Embedded sciencerens
Background: Movement Science
contact: rens.salome@knrb.nl


Dennis van der Kooij
Project: “van Meten naar Weten”
Background: Movement ScienceDennis
contact: d.j.van.kooij@hva.nl


Ernst-jan Grift
PhD TU Delft
Project: Hydrodynamics
Background: Hydrodynamics
contact: e.j.grift@tudelft.nl


Mathijs Hofmijster
Copromotor optimizing propulsion, Embedded scientis KNRB
Project:  Embedded Scientist, Optimizing propulsion
Background: Movement Science
contact: m.j.hofmijster@vu.nl



Knoek van Soest
Copromotor optimizing propulsion
Project:  Optimizing propulsion
Background: Biomechanics
contact: a.j.van.soest@vu.nl


Peter BeekPeter Beek.
Promotor optimizing propulsion
Project:  Optimizing propulsion
Background: Motor learning
contact: p.j.beek@vu.nl


Richard Casius
IT Developer VU FBW
Project:  Optimizing propulsion
Background: Computer science
contact: l.j.r.casius@vu.nl


Peter Verdijk
Developer VU FBW
Project:  Optimizing propulsion
contact: p.verdijk@vu.nl





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