Kinematic measurements on water: looking for participants





Last November, Guido Schulte-Fischedick and Patrick Zijlstra (both students at the VU) started their master thesis in which they aim to get more  insight in the rower’s power output while rowing on water. In short, we already measure power output at the oarlock by using inertial sensors (Peach). However, it is not sure whether this is all the power delivered by a rower since we do not take the rowers’ body displacement with respect to the boat into account.

In this study Guido and Patrick want to measure a rower’s body displacement using Xsens inertial sensors. These sensors capture accelerations of each body segment of a rower during each stroke. During a series of trials, in which stroke rate and technique are manipulated, they want to measure whether the total generated power is influenced by the body displacement. The goal is to give a more precise approximation of the rower’s total generated power, in order to give the rower and coach more accurate feedback during on-water rowing.


During an earlier experiment on an ergometer placed on two force plates, they found that body displacements can be measured accurately using Xsens sensors (see movie). In a few days they will start with the exciting part of the research and will measure the body movements of a rower on-water. For these trials we are still lo0king for skilled single scull rowers. If you are interested to join, please contact Patrick Zijlstra (






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