RowingScience receives Demonstrator Grant for a SmartView Platform

Performance feedback is of key importance in Elite level sport. Lightweight, unobtrusive measuring equipment is nowadays readily available and will be used more and more in daily practice. The Peach measuring system, modern smartphones and combinations of those equipment are examples of such technology. However, data generated by such equipment is often complex and difficult to interpret. In order for the data to become meaningful to the athlete, data streams need to be integrated, interpreted and presented to the athlete in such a way that he or she can immediately act to it; preferably in real time.

The demonstrator grant will allow the development  of a software platform (SmartView Through Glass) that analyses complex data from multiple sources and present the outcome on a wearable device such as Google glass or Recon Jet. Primarily, smartView will be developed exclusively for Dutch Rowers, Skaters  and Horse Riders, with the goal to help those athletes to Olympic Success. SmartView will be developed as a generic software platform. After Rio 2016, the smartView team aims to bring this technology to the market.

Mathijs Hofmijster  will lead the project team, that consists of scientist from VU Amsterdam , HvA  and Utrecht University. The scientists will develop smartView together with of business and sports professionals

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