Students introduce themselves: Jordy and Christiaan

Students who are involved in rowing research will introduce themselves. Today, the floor is given to Jordy Sucec and Christiaan Sain, bachelor students from the VU’s faculty of Human Movement Sciences in Amsterdam.

Last summer Jordy got involved in rowing by supporting the embedded scientist during the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam. Since he was available almost 24/7, he became a fixed member of the video crew and most of the rowers have been filmed by him during the races. Fascinated about the sport, he decided to do his bachelor internship in rowing as well together with Christiaan. Christiaan has been doing an internship at Ajax and would like to broaden his view with different sports. Both are interested in the  combination of psychology and biomechanics. Therefore, they will examine the role of direct feedback on power on delivered mechanical power in 2- (coxless pair) and an 8+ (coxed eight). They started their project in December and they will do their measurements with a crew from Okeanos.

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